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Lorée Oboes
Lorée Oboes


Lorée Instruments



The F. Lorée oboe is the most widely used professional oboe in North America. As an authorized F. Lorée dealer, we are proud to offer a large selection of the entire line of these prestigious instruments.


All of our Lorée instruments come in a deluxe French fitted case with a fitted nylon case cover, three reed case, swab, instrument stand, polishing cloth, grease box, and screwdriver. Lorée instruments may be special ordered with a violetwood body, high-density plastic top joint, and/or 14k gold plated keywork.


To learn more about F. Lorée instruments, we invite you to view the products below and visit the F. Lorée website.  For more information about purchasing an oboe from RDG Woodwinds, please visit our Oboes page.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.



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Lorée Model C+3 Oboe
Model C+3 Oboe     This full conservatory system oboe inc...

Lorée Model AK+3 Oboe
Model AK+3 Oboe   Lorée instruments are each marked with...

Lorée Model CR+3 Oboe
Model CR+3 Royal Oboe   The Royal oboe and English horn are the...

Lorée Model CR+3 AK Oboe
Model CR+3 AK Royal Oboe   The Royal oboe and English horn are ...

Lorée Model CR+3 125 Oboe
Model Royal 125 Oboe   In 2006, the F. Lorée company cre...

Lorée Model P+3 Cabart Oboe
Model P+3 Cabart Oboe   An exceptional intermediate oboe produc...

Lorée Model I+3 English Horn
Model I+3 English Horn   The Lorée model I+3 English hor...

Lorée Model IR+3 English Horn
Model IR+3 Royal English Horn   The Royal oboe and English horn...

Lorée Model L+3 Oboe D’Amour
Model L+3 Oboe D’Amour   The Lorée model L+3 oboe ...

Lorée Model N+3 Baritone Oboe
Model N+3 Baritone Oboe   The Lorée model N+3 baritone o...

Lorée Model V+3 Piccolo Oboe
Model V+3 Piccolo Oboe in F   The Lorée model V+3 piccolo oboe...

Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 products) Result Pages:  1