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Fox model 680 Bassoon    

Instrument:               Fox Model 680 Bassoon
Serial number:           57450
Year manufactured:    2015
Credit card price:       $30,237.50
Check payment price: $29,500.00


This Fox bassoon has been kept in great shape and has nearly all available options added to it, including: double E and F keys; high A bridge; rollers on C# and whisper; little finger whisper key; roller on low D; low B alternate key; thumb Ab-Bb trill key; rollers on Bb, E, F#, and Ab keys; right hand Eb trill with offset C# trill; rotary right hand whisper lock; balance hanger; two piece bass joint.  Included are three bocals: 2 *CVX* #2 bocals, and 1 *CVX* #3 bocal; and the original Fox/Kolbl carrying case.

Please contact us for availability and/or to set up a trial.

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