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Marigaux Model M2 Oboe [MAR003]    

Model M2 Oboe


The M2 Model is by far the most innovative and creative oboe in the market today. The top joint and bottom joint are no longer separate but are merged into one long body with a small head joint on the top and the bell on the bottom. The instrument is assembled by aligning the octave key pillar with the plate on the main body of the oboe. Head-joints can be easily changed to suit individual needs so that tuning, color, depth and fluidity of sound are all adjustable. In extreme climatic conditions a phenol-resin head-joint can be used in place of a wooden one to avoid unnecessary cracks. The new position of the half-hole gives better tuning on D’s and Db’s and improved performance on top octave D’s to Eb’s. There is also improved positioning of G and G sharp keys, thanks to the removal of the middle joint ring. This granadilla oboe features a third octave key, full conservatory, a silver plated key system and comes with two head joints (granadilla and phenol resin).


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