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Lorée Model CR+3 125 Oboe [LOR125]    

Model Royal 125 Oboe


In 2006, the F. Lorée company created a limited run of super premium Royal oboes in honor of their company’s 125th anniversary. Since these “anniversary oboes” were extremely popular and very highly regarded, Lorée decided to add a more permanent addition to its family of fine instruments, the Royal 125. In addition to the features of a regular Royal oboe, on the Royal 125 the posts, rings, and reed well have been gold plated. These instruments also come with a high D facilitator.


The Royal 125 oboe features a full conservatory system including low Bb, left F, third octave key, Bb vent, forked-F resonance, split ring D#-E trill, G#-A trill, articulated B-C# mechanism, Gillet (banana) key, and Bb-B trill. A deluxe French case and fitted case cover are included.


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