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Used Clarinets
Used Clarinets


Used Clarinets


RDG Woodwinds is a great place to purchase your used clarinet.  We sell used Bb, A, Eb, and bass clarinets, and sometimes carry some unusual instruments.  We are able to send used instruments on trial to you just as we would with new instruments so you can test them in a comfortable environment.


All of our used clarinets are offered in “as is” condition. Though they do not come with a warranty, you can be confident knowing that we have worked with the seller to make sure that the instruments are in good playing condition. We want you to be able to adequately evaluate them and feel confident with your purchase. Of course, you are always welcome to speak with a member of our sales or repair staff if you have questions about any of the instruments.


We invite you to check out the used clarinets that we have available today. For any further information, please contact us.



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Buffet Basset Horn in F
Model: 150th Anniversary ModelSerial number: 22326Year of purchase: 19...

Buffet C-12 Bb Clarinet
Model: C12 Intermediate Serial number: 299636Year of purchase: 19...

Buffet E11 (France) Bb Clarinet
Model: E11 France Bb Serial number: B205454 Year of purchase...

Buffet Naugahyde Double Attache Case (mint condition)
This double attache case is in perfect condition. Please call for det...

Buffet Prestige Bb Clarinet
Model: PrestigeSerial number: 487232 Year of purchase: 2001Aski...

Buffet Prestige R13 Bb Clarinet
Model: Prestige R13 Serial number: 335381  Year of purchase:...

Buffet R13 Prestige Bb Clarinet
Model: R13 PrestigeSerial number: 599294 Year of purchase: 2009As...

Buffet Vintage Bb Clarinet
Model: Vintage Bb Serial number: 427871Year of purchase: 1997Asking pr...

Leblanc Symphonie II Eb Clarinet
Model: Symphonie II (Eb) Serial number: 7415  Year of purchase: c...

Selmer 10G Bb Clarinet
Model: Series 10G Bb Serial number: A3060Year of purchase: mid 1980sAs...

Selmer Rosewood Eb Contra Alto Clarinet
Model: 40 (Rosewood) Serial number: Y5815  Year of purchase: circ...

Used Backun "O+" Mouthpiece
Please call for details and availability....

Used Backun "T" Mouthpiece
Please call for details and availability....

Used Backun Bb/A Barrel 65mm
Please call for details and availability....

Used Bakun Bb/A 66mm Barrel
These cocobolo barrels are for sale individually ($80.00 each). Please...

Used Chadash 66mm. A Barrel
  Mistakenly purchased for a Bb clarinet, this Chadash A clarine...

Used Chadash 67mm. A Barrel
   In like-new condition, this Chadash 67mm A clarinet barr...

Used Cocobolo Backun Bell
Please call for details and availability....

Displaying 1 to 18 (of 21 products) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>]