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Buffet Clarinets
Buffet Clarinets


Buffet Clarinets


The Buffet Crampon company has been manufacturing fine clarinets since its establishment in Paris in 1825. Today, these instruments are known worldwide for their beautiful sound and excellent craftsmanship. RDG Woodwinds is proud to be one of the largest and most established dealers of Buffet clarinets in North America. We always have a great selection of both Bb and A clarinets to choose from and are eager to help you find the instrument that will be the perfect fit for your needs.


Many models of Buffet clarinets are available in Green Line. Created by combining 95% grenadilla powder with carbon fiber, this patented material retains the acoustical properties of fully wooden clarinets while enhancing the durability and stability of the instruments. Because the Green Line material will not crack, Green Line instruments can be played with confidence in any climatic conditions. RDG Woodwinds does not typically stock Green Line instruments but we are more than happy to special order them for you. Instruments that are available in Green Line are noted as such on their individual product pages.


Certain Buffet clarinets are available through our shop by special order only. These include the Tosca clarinets, alto clarinet, basset clarinet and basset horn, contrabass and contra-alto clarinets, the E11 clarinets in Eb and C, and the RC Prestige clarinet in D. Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to place an order for one of these instruments or get more information.


We invite you to view the products below and visit the Buffet Crampon website. For more information about purchasing a clarinet through RDG Woodwinds, please visit our Clarinets page. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.



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Buffet Tosca Bass Clarinet to Low C
Buffet Crampon, with a dedicated strategy for the continued developmen...

Buffet Tosca Clarinet in Bb & A
Fortified by its elegance and incomparable style, the Tosca clarinet, ...

Buffet Tosca Clarinet in Eb
Tosca Clarinet in Eb When Design and excellence combine! The Tos...

Buffet Tradition Bb & A Clarinet
Buffet Tradition Bb & A Clarinet    The Tradition clar...

Buffet R13 Clarinets in Bb, A, and Eb
R13 Clarinet in Bb, A, and Eb   The choice of professionals wor...

Buffet R13 Prestige Clarinets in Bb and A
R13 Prestige Clarinets in Bb and A   Made of premium, unstained...

Buffet RC Clarinet in Eb
RC Clarinet in Eb   The Buffet Crampon RC clarinets are known f...

Buffet RC Prestige Clarinet in Eb
RC Prestige Clarinet in Eb   The Buffet RC Prestige clarinets h...

Buffet Festival Clarinets in Bb and A
Festival Clarinets in Bb and A   Designed by Jacques Lancelot, ...

Buffet Prestige Bass Clarinet to Low C
Prestige Bass Clarinet to Low C   The Buffet Prestige bass clar...

Buffet E12F Clarinet in Bb
E12F Intermediate Clarinet in Bb    An excellent intermedi...

Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 products) Result Pages:  1